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Die Dr. Christiane Hackerodt Kunst- und Kulturstiftung freut sich, die Arbeit Aggregation 15-MY26 (Star 3) des Künstlers Kwang Young Chun dem Sprengel Museum Hannover als Dauerleihgabe zu übergeben und sie öffentlich zugänglich zu machen. 

Martin Daske und Peggy Milleville
Galerie Al Colombo, Venedig, 29.05.-30.06.2024
Exhibition in the park of the Edelhof Ricklingen
Artists from the Hanover region intervene from 15 August until 15 September 2024 with their artistic positions in the park of the Edelhof Ricklingen Foundation and invite visitors to join them on the subtle balancing act between freedom and limitation, originality and manipulation, nature and art.
With the exhibition entitled A World of Dew, And Within Every Dewdrop A World of Struggle Kestner Gesellschaft is thrilled to present a fine selection of traditional Japanese scroll paintings from the period spanning across the last five centuries. The art works belong to the collection of Dr. Christiane Hackerodt Art and Culture Foundation which, with its focus on Japanese art, aims at building up a bridge between the cultures of East and West.
Karen Krüger
It opened over fifty years ago as a place of encounter for Italian and German culture and scholarship. But what does the German Center for Venetian Studies actually do today?
Dr. Christiane Hackerodt, chair of the Dr. Christiane Hackerodt Arts and Culture Foundation, and Dr. Marita Liebermann, privatdozent (lecturer) and director of the German Center for Venetian Studies, successfully agreed to the extend the funding provided to the Center by the Foundation. From 2022 on, the Foundation will continue to support artists and scholars in Venice for a further five years, providing stipends for studios, work visits, and catalogue publication.